Monday, June 06, 2005

Disney's Paradise

I'm spending the week at a conference in Orlando Florida. It's been an eye opening experience.

Tonight I'm in my hotel room watching "Hells Kitchen" It must be the single most contrived reality show I've seen. Someone should do us all a favor and take a baseball bat to Chef Ramsey's head. That would be riveting television.

Orlando is basically a giant strip mall. Mini-golf and theme parks interspersed with I-Hop, Dennys, Red Lobster, Bennigans and some bargain supermarket I've never heard of.

At some point we need to arm citizens with the ability to fight the mediocrity of corporate America and inject some originality back into society.


Blogger Jack Mercer said...

I've been all over the world, Mochi, and I haven't seen a Denny's anywhere!


8:52 AM  

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