Monday, April 30, 2007

Cmon Paul, GTFO.

Wolfowitz needs to resign. Irrespective of what he did wrong, there is obviously zero support for him as the World Bank leader. Instead of quietly disappearing he is whining like a 2 year old about how he is being persecuted. When Americans have the chance do get rid of these morons in 2008 I hope that they send a message that admitting you are wrong is not a fault, it is a quality.

Even more concerning than Wolfowitz's nepotism is the charge that he is spreading Bush's failed policies around the world. I'm always hopeful this adminstration's blundering is limited to Iraq and the US. Unfortunately, that is a naive perspective. Instead Wolfowitz is using the bank to sell Bush's faith based bullshit and debunk global warming.

Wolfowitz's punishment for orchestrating history's least successful war was the World Bank presidency. It's extraordinary how arrogant this guy was to take the position then go ahead and push the same failed policies.


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